Wood Technology

A Safer Home with SaferWood
Prepare your home for fires, SaferWood
helps to slow down fire spreading

Increasing fire protection for homes and buildings


Wood is breathable and naturally controls humidity


SaferWood is made with the safe and environmentally friendly formula. It is recyclable just like any ordinary wood


Wood is durable and offers great insulation value and soundproofing

What is SaferWood?

SaferWood increases fire protection for home and commercial property owners without sacrificing the beauty and durability of natural wood. This enables architects and builders to craft exceptional natural wood structures, while ensuring their customers' peace of mind.

How does SaferWood work?

SaferWood is made with Thermex-FR, the safe and environmentally friendly formula that renders wood resistant to fire. The products have passed strict fire and weathering tests and comply with all model building codes. Its effectiveness is proven by independent laboratory and quality-control testing. It is subjected to both structural and wildland fire scenarios.

SaferWood uses a vacuum-pressure impregnation process to remove moisture and air from the wood cells and replace it with Thermex-FR, a safe and environmentally friendly fire resistant treatment. It is then thermally cured in a kiln, to lock the fire retardant into the wood cells. The intumescing foam which insulates the wood is produced protecting the surface of the wood and absorbing heat endothermically. Surface temperature drops below what is required for combustion. A non-combustible gas is generated to dilute the amount of oxygen

What wood species does SaferWood use?

All common sizes and most construction species of lumber and plywood (of any thickness). Douglas fir, SPF, and Western Red Cedar are generally available.

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