Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

One of the world's exceptional wood species

Western Red Cedar is British Columbia’s official tree. Its sapwood is straw colored and heartwood is pinkish or reddish-brown to dark chocolate-brown. Exposed to the weather, it assumes a pleasing silver-grey color over time. Western Red Cedar is versatile and an ideal for distinct appearance projects for homes and commercial buildings

Naturally Durable

High natural resistance to decay and insect damage


Beautiful rich colour, tight, straight grain and few knots, strongly aromatic


Low density and light in weight, easy wood to transport and handle

Dimensionally Stable

Low shrinkage, resist warping

Thermal Insulator

Woods with low density have the highest thermal insulation value


Wood absorbs sound energy and reduces noise


Size: Fence posts - 4x4, 6x6
Fence Rails - 2x4, 2x6
Grade: Clear grade, Knotty grade

Western Red Cedar fencing is appealingly pleasing, attractive fence around your home, made out of natural wood.

Bio-degradable, the lowest environmental impact among other fencing materials.

Durable and a natural deterrent to rot and insect infestation, weather resistant.

Lightweight and dimensionally stable, less susceptible to warping or shrinkage

Paneling / Siding

Attractive material to use on the interior and exterior to create architectural styles, ranging from traditional to modern

High insulation value and protect your home against thermal heat loss, Natural acoustic absorption

Durable and hard wearing, Naturally resistant to decay and insects

Dimensional stability even in varying climate conditions resist to warp, easy to work

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